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Monthly News (SCCCORE)
October 2019
The California QSO Party is October 5-6. This is OUR contest in that WE in California get to be the hunted. We get to run. We are the wanted. No matter your station, large or small, high power, low power or QRP. The rest of the country and world will be looking for YOU! I hope that each of you will get on and enjoy this once a year opportunity to be the hunted! Be sure to submit your score for SCCC. Full rules can be found at

A shout out to Axel, KI6RRN. According to the September issue of the San Diego DX Club bulletin, Axel currently has the highest qualifying score IN THE WORLD for WRTC!

The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) has posted a presentation done by W0YK on September 24. Ed reviewed the 32 year history of the CQWW RTTY DX Contest and much more. You can find the presentation here.

LOTW and other electronic QSL systems have revolutioned QSLing. I'm sure that we all get a flood of electronic QSLs shortly after the contest (sometimes within minutes!). And yet, we may still receive printed QSLs from some, requesting ours in return. These may be from USA or foreign countries. Often these are from hams who have not yet mastered registering for LOTW and/or prefer not to do electronic QSLing for one reason or another. I personally love both. I like the expediency of a quick electronic QSL but I still enjoy receiving a printed card. The printed card often tells me more about the ham or DXpedition on the other end of my QSL. I especially enjoy printed QSLs with pictures on them, although I admittedly have a pretty plain card myself with no pictures. I should probably fix that, huh? That said, I wonder about the rest of you SCCCers. What are your thoughts about QSLing? Do you prefer electronic or printed? Do you respond 100%? Is it easier now than before? (Many of us dreaded the hundreds or thousands of cards we received from the Asian island to the west of us, while we in fact loving working those runs during the DX contests!. How quickly do you respond to QSLs? Have you kept in mind that some or many may be from budding contesters and perhaps we should respond as quickly as possible? Now that many of our club members are retired, is it easier than before to respond to QSL requests? Or not? And what about those that aren't yet retired? Is it fairly easy or a burden? Your thoughts appreciated! (send to the reflector too).

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October 2019
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Video: FT4/FT8 Digital Contesting by K1JT
October 2019
This presentation was at the Frankford Radio Club meeting of September 10, 2019.

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Video: Yaesu FTDX-101D vs. Icom IC-7610 by AB5N
October 2019
This is a really interesting and well done comparison of two of the newest rigs on the market.

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Video: Yaesu FTDX-101D Review and Demo by Ham Radio Concepts
September 2019
Check out the latest HF radio from Yaesu. K0MD called it a new contest-grade HF transceiver in the July/August issue of NCJ. This amazing new radio now sits atop Sherwood Engineering's Receiver Test Data tables. The 101D is now shipping from the usual amateur radio retailers.

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Video: A Visit to K5TR
August 2019
California QSO Party Claimed Scores
October 2019
         NO6T (KI6RRN)   SOFixedHP    396,662            W6ZL            SO(A)FixedLP  95,535
         K6LA            SOFixedHP    312,504            N6RV            SO(A)FixedLP  74,034
         W6TK            SO(A)FixedHP 217,326            N6GP            SOFixedHP     66,796
         W6AYC           SOFixedLP    204,792            AI6V            SO(A)FixedHP  63,288
         NC6K            SO(A)FixedHP 196,560            WA6KHK          SO(A)FixedQRP 59,280
         WN6K            SOFixedLP    145,350            AI6O            SOFixedHP     48,384
         K6JO            SOFixedLP    124,700            WA6URY          SOFixedHP     35,024
         W6ML(W6KC)      SO(A)CtyExpHP117,477            N6WT            SOCntyExpLP   27,166
         KM6Z            SO(A)FixedLP 117,420            WA7BNM/6        SOFixedLP        440

         N6MI (N7DA, AF6O, N6MI)                                         MOCtyExpHP   173,223
         W6UE (N6AN, N9JAM)                                              M/SSchool     96,216
         W6COW (AA6DW, NK6A @AA6DW)                                      M/MFixedLP    87,752
CQWW RTTY Claimed Scores
September 2019
         WN6K            SOABLP       243,276            N6RV            SO(A)ABHP     45,225
         KI6VC           SOABHP       193,734            NK6A            SO(A)ABHP     41,072
         K6AW (@W6RFU)   SO(A)SB20HP  156,384            KF6RY(W6ZL)     SOSB20LP      28,060
         NC6K            SOABHP       125,870            WA6URY          SOABHP        25,080
         W6QU (@W8QZA)   SOABQRP      123,984            AI6O            SOABHP        16,128
         W6JBR           SOABHP        72,075
ARRL VHF Claimed Scores
September 2019
         N6NB/R          ROVER        162,000            NC6K            SO3BHP           782
         N6GP/R          LTD ROVER LP   7,832            W6ZL            SOLP              84
         N6QQ            SO6M           4,560            NE6I            SO3BLP            50
         W6IT            SOLP           3,267
North American Sprint CW
September 2019
         N6AA            SOHP          10,374            AI6O            SOHP           2,460
         NT6Q (N5ZO)     SOHP          10,184            WA6URY          SOHP           1,650
         K6AW            SOHP           8,151            W4EF            SOHP           1,323
         AC6T            SOHP           7,326            N6AN            SOQRP            216

         SCCC #1 (N6AA, K6AW, AC6T, NT6Q, K6NA)                                        36,035
WW Digi
August 2019
         KR1DX (K6JO)    SOABLP       148,224            NE6I            SOABLP         3,640
         WA7BNM          SOSB20LP       5,832            NC6K            SOSB20LP         140
NAQP SSB Claimed Scores
August 2019
         NT6Q (K6JO@N5ZO)SOLP         112,003            K6NR            SOLP           3.906
         K5KT            SOLP          43,360            WA6URY          SOLP           1,372
         WN6K            SOLP          42,226            W6JBR           SOLP           1,125
         KI6VC           SOLP          33,283            NC6K            SOLP             513
         K6RO            SOLP          24,024            N6AN            SOQRP              1
         AI6V            SOLP           4,212
         SCCC #1 (WN6K, K6RO, KI6VC, W6AFA, NT6Q)                                     201,536
         SCCC #2 (K5KT, K6NR, K6MUG, NC6K, AI6O)                                       49,577
NAQP CW Claimed Scores
August 2019
         W6AYC           SOLP         117,198            K6NA            SOLP          25,546
         NC6K            SOLP         110,304            WA6URY          SOLP           8,712
         KI6RRN          SOLP         100,650            W6JBR           SOLP           6,160
         N6AA            SOLP          98,936            KA6WKE          SOLP           4,171
         WN6K            SOLP          62,602            KB9FKO          SOLP           1,056
         KM6Z            SOLP          59,901            KX6A            SOLP             336
         W6ZL            SOLP          15,504

         N5ZO (K6RB, W6NV, N5ZO)                                         M2           288,351
         AC6T (K6AW, AC6T)                                               M2           112,883
         SCCC #1 (WN6K, NC6K, KI6RRN, W6AYC, K7RAT)                                   592,930
         SCCC #2 (KA6WKE, N6AA, N6MJ, WQ6X, W6ZL)                                     153,051
         SCCC #3 (N6GP, KI6VC, AI6O, WA6I, WB6NBU)                                     19,330
         SCCC #4 (KB9FKO, NE6I)                                                         1,056
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