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Video: CTU 2015 Session 4 - Enhancing Contest Station Audio - K9EID
August 2015
Mid Week Contesting - W6SX
February 2014
Sometimes can't get enough contesting on the weekends? Or sometimes can't get on on the weekends at all. Or want to practice contest skills in a low-stress environment?

Midweek contesting to the rescue.

Every Thursday night is the half-hour NS or NCCC Sprint. Sprints—love 'em or hate 'em. But, they are a great way to improve your skills. Half-hour doses make them very tolerable even if you are in the hate category. Give the NS a try—you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you get the hang of it and how quickly your skills improve.

Every Wednesday of the month are the CWops Tests. Three separate one-hour sessions starting at 1300Z, 1900Z, and 0300Z. CW fans, we named the CWops Test a test, not a contest. CWTs offer something for everyone. You can get on and make a few contacts with fellow CW enthusiasts. You can get on and extend a friendly welcome to hams trying a CWT for the first time.     more
The Papa-3 Contest Club ED1R - Jesus Marquez EC1KR
February 2014
ED1R was founded in the summer of 2010. It is located in central Spain, in a small village of around 500 people in the province of Avila, about 100km from Madrid, 167km from the Portuguese border and 311km from the Atlantic ocean, towards North America. The village is around 1100m (about 3600ft) asl, on flat land and good takeoff towards North America.

The location is a small plot of land belonging to EC1KR’s father, in amongst a vegetable garden. Space is limited, around 300m². We started by planning 4 towers, and after doing the welding work for installing rotators and masts, installed them (one 23m high tower, one 16m high, and two 12m high). We then installed our first antennas, a 2 element M² yagi for 40m, 4 element monoband DXBEAMS for 20 and 15, and a 5 element DXBEAM for 10.

We also put in a lot of work to the shack. Currently we have a spacious four position operating area, sleeping space for 5, a shower and toilet, and a small work area.    more
NAQP CW Claimed Scores
August 2015
         NX6T(KI6RRN)    SO           164,736            KI6VC           SO            44,042
         K6NR            SO           114,920            WB6NBU          SO            42,834
         XE2MX           SO           107,906            AI6O            SO            10,512
         AC6T@W6RFU      SO           107,559            W6KC            SO            10,496
         N6CY            SO            73,576            WA6URY          SO             5,814
         WN6K            SO            71,672            KI6QDH          SO             5,720
         N6MU            SO            52,959            N6HE            SO             5,301

         N5ZO(K6AW N5ZO N6NC W6NV)                                       M2           299,811

         SCCC #1 (NX6T, K6NR, XE2MX, AC6T, WN6K)                                      566,793
         SCCC #2 (N6CY, WB6NBU, KI6QDH, KI6VC)                                        166,172
IARU HF World Championship
July 2015
         K6NA           SOABHPCW      973,834             N6AA           SOABHPCW     240,480
         N5ZO           SOABHPCW      927,168             WN6K           SOABLPCW     236,918
         K6NR           SOABHPCW      516,640             W6KC           SOABAHP       27,666
         W6TK           SOABAHPCW     255,780             WA6URY         SOABHP        17,922

         NX6T (KB7V NØDY N6ERD N6KI NN6X W6JBR et al)                    MSHP         641,147
CQ World Wide WPX CW Claimed Scores
May 2015
         VY2TT(K6LA)    SOABHP     13,991,520             W6QU(W8QZA)    SOABQRP      653,221
         N5ZO           SOABHP      5,077,104             NE6I           SOAABHP      519,256
         W6TK           SOAABHP     3,611,046             N6AA           SOABHP       369,834
         K6NR           SOABHP      2,457,312             AI6O           SOABHP       340,101
         AH7T(N6MI)     SOABHP      2,066,075             WA6URY         SOABHP       322,964
         WA6KHK         SOAABHP     1,453,830             NK6A           SOAABHP      309,075
         WN6K           SOABLP      1,178,165             NC6Q           SOAABHP       86,020
         N6MU           SOABLP        660,104             W6KC           SOAABHP       44,250

         WQ6X (N6KI N6CY W6JBR WQ6X K4VU N0DY W6RW WB6NBU K4RB W6QEG)    M2HP       9,236,016