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Monthly News (SCCCORE)
August 2019
The February NA Sprint CW results are out, and the SCCC#1 team finished 2nd! A very strong performance was put in by the crew: N6MJ, N5ZO, N6AA, N6RT and K6NA. Great job! NCCC#1 came out on top with 78K points to SCCC#1's 72K. SCCC#2 (NX6T, K6LA, W4EF, K6ZH and K6AW) placed 7th! Dan, N6MJ placed 7th overall! Full results NCJ web site.

And NCJ has also published the final results of the March NA Sprint RTTY. Kent, N6WT placed 4th overall in this one. The SCCC team placed 6th. Full results not yet on the web site as of July 5.

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August 2019
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Contest University and Visalia Contest Academy Presentations - N6TV
June 2019

Bob, N6TV from the Northern California Contest Club has made available his 2019 Contest University and Visalia Contest Academy PowerPoint Presentations. These are some really good reads. Thanks, Bob!

Video: A Visit to K5TR
August 2019
Video: Beginners Guide to Contesting
June 2019
NAQP SSB Claimed Scores
August 2019
         NT6Q (K6JO@N5ZO)SOLP         112,003            K6NR            SOLP           3.906
         K5KT            SOLP          43,360            WA6URY          SOLP           1,372
         WN6K            SOLP          42,226            W6JBR           SOLP           1,125
         KI6VC           SOLP          33,283            NC6K            SOLP             513
         K6RO            SOLP          24,024            N6AN            SOQRP              1
         AI6V            SOLP           4,212
         SCCC #1 (WN6K, K6RO, KI6VC, W6AFA, NT6Q)                                     201,536
         SCCC #2 (K5KT, K6NR, K6MUG, NC6K, AI6O)                                       49,577
NAQP CW Claimed Scores
August 2019
         W6AYC           SOLP         117,198            K6NA            SOLP          25,546
         NC6K            SOLP         110,304            WA6URY          SOLP           8,712
         KI6RRN          SOLP         100,650            W6JBR           SOLP           6,160
         N6AA            SOLP          98,936            KA6WKE          SOLP           4,171
         WN6K            SOLP          62,602            KB9FKO          SOLP           1,056
         KM6Z            SOLP          59,901            KX6A            SOLP             336
         W6ZL            SOLP          15,504

         N5ZO (K6RB, W6NV, N5ZO)                                         M2           288,351
         AC6T (K6AW, AC6T)                                               M2           112,883
         SCCC #1 (WN6K, NC6K, KI6RRN, W6AYC)                                          390,754
         SCCC #2 (KA6WKE, N6AA, N6MJ, WQ6X, W6ZL)                                     153,051
         SCCC #3 (N6GP, KI6VC, AI6O, WA6I, WB6NBU)                                     19,330
         SCCC #4 (KB9FKO, NE6I)                                                         1,056
         (Apologies to SCCC #1. I apparently misunderstood N6TR and he entered on a different 
IOTA Claimed Scores
July 2019
         VY2TT (K6LA)    SO24MHP    4,524,315            AI6)            SO12CWLP       5,168
         K6NA            SO(A)24MHP    81,807            W6ZL            SO12CWLP         540
         W6TK            SO(A)12MLP    64,232
CQWW VHF Claimed Scores
July 2019
         N6QQ            SOSB6HP        8,892            W6ZAR           SOABLP         1,550
         N6GP/R          RLP            5,390            W6ZL            SOSB6LP          180
         NC6K            SOSB6HP        1,740            
NAQP RTTY Claimed Scores
July 2019
         KI6RRN          SOLP          51,410            KF6RY (W6ZL)    SOLP           4,680
         NC6K            SOLP          34,144            N6HE            SOLP           4,536
         WN6K            SOLP          29,140            W6JBR           SOLP           4,095
         KI6VC           SOLP          26,879            NK6A            SOLP           3,003
         K6JO            SOLP          22,344            K6MUG           SOLP           2,556
         WA6I            SOLP          14,664            WA6URY          SOLP             925
         AI6O            SOLP           8,946
         SCCC #1 (KI6RRN, K6JO, KI6VC, WQ6X WN6K)                                     129,773
         SCCC #2 (NC6K, AI6O, KF6RY, K6MUG, WA6I)                                      64,990
         SCCC #3 (N6HE, K6RO, N0XNN)                                                    4,536 
IARU HF World Championship Claimed Scores
July 2019
         NO6T (KI6RRN)   SOABMHP    1,829,310            KM6Z            SOABCWLP      56,669
         NT6Q (N5ZO)     SOABACWHP  1,020,816            AI6V            SOABMLP       46,208
         N6AA            SOABCWHP     651,651            NK6A            SOABMLP       36,537
         NC6K            SOABAMHP     376,216            W6JBR           SOABMHP       34,980
         W4EF            SOABCWHP     339,416            W6ZL            SOABCWLP      28,072
         W6TK            SOABMHP      303,582            K6RO            SOABMHP       27,081
         K6JO            SOABSSBHP    239,232            WA6URY          SOABMHP       21,634
         W6AX (K6AW)     SOABACWHP    161,324            AI6O            SOABCWLP      17,680
         WN6K            SOABCWLP     118,008            K6MUG           SOABSSBLP      6,592
         W6AYC           SOABCWHP     113,475            WA7BNM          SOABMLP        6,164
         N6CW            SOABCWAHP     80,234            N6HE            SOABCWLP       2,337
         K6NA            SOABCWHP      62,335

         AF1A (NA6MB, K6GO)                                              MSABHP       164,670         
ARRL Field Day Claimed Scores
June 2019
         K0XP            1D LP          1,972            NC6K            1D HP            422
         AI6DO           2B QRP         1,575            WA6URY          1D HP            406
         W6ZL            1E LP            730            NE6I            1D LP             10
All Asian CW Claimed Scores
June 2019
         K6NA            SOABHP       237,897            WA6URY          SOABHP        16,055
         N5ZO            SOABHP       173,558            K0XP            SOSB40LP       6,327
         W6AX (K6AW)     SOABHP        66,230            W6ZL            SOSB20LP          16
         WN6K            SOABHP        43,680
ARRL VHF June Claimed Scores
June 2019
         W6IT            SOLP          25,155            K6NA            SO3BHP           612
         N6GP/R          SOHP          10,496            W6ZL            SO3BLP           572
         N6QQ            SOHP           8,892            AI6O            SO3BLP           368
         AI6V/R          LtdRLP         2,088            N6PM            SOLP             270
         NC6K            SO3BHP         1,242            AI6DO           SO3BLP           168 
         K6MUG           SOABLP         1,054            NE6I            SO3BLP           160
         W6ZAR           SO3BHP           924            N6IC            SO                90

         NI6E (NI6E + non-members AF6RT, KK6KPW)                         MOHP          25,641 
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