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          Members outside the club area                             23
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State QSO Parties
Video: CTU 2016: Session 2: Fair Play - How to Earn and Keep Respect - K4RO
July 2016
HD2A: The Sapo Loco Station - Alberto Pincay HC2AQ
May 2014
Rescuing old history and referring to its entangled past, it is not that far away that we produce the sensation of reliving it again. That is what I feel when I refer to the “HD2A dream”.

I cannot fail to mention Roberto-HC2GT and his enthusiastic activities to stimulate HC2 amateur radio operators. Today, because of personal health issues, Roberto is mainly dedicated to fighting for his own survival. The following is a brief tribute to his efforts in supporting our activities.

When was HD2A born? Was it born with some general radio activity on an Ecuadorean beach 20 years ago or in some contest somewhere on the beach? It’s not important now. The true inspiration and the spirit of competition without a doubt came from Alfredo-HC2 Sapo Loco (Crazy Frog), a global winner of many CW competitions over the years.    more
The SBMS Microwave Contest - N6NB
May 2016
Probably not many SCCC members have ever gotten on the air to operate in the San Bernardino Microwave Society Contest, held last weekend (April 30-May 1), but they will surely recognize some of the calls of people who did get on for this exotic microwave contest.

As an organization, SBMS is a little like SCCC. It's a regional entity that attracts people from four or five counties to its meetings. As far as anyone knows, this club has never met in San Bernardino, but some of its founders (engineers in the postwar era) worked at a U.S. Navy research facility in Norco. They started meeting at the Corona American Legion Hall--and that tradition has continued for upwards of 50 years.              more
IARU World Championship RTTY Claimed Scores
July 2016
         W6TK            SOLP          42,240            N6HE            SOLP           9,472
         KI6QDH          SOLP          20,880            AI6O            SOLP           8,190
         AI6DO           SOLP          15,750            NC6B            SOLP           2,769

         SCCC (W6TK KI6QDH AI6O W6KY KI6VC)                                            71,310
IARU World Championship CW Claimed Scores
July 2016
         W6TK            SOABACWHP    188,000            W6QU(W8QZA)     SOABSSBQRP    11,438
         NC6B            SOABALP       28,850            K6DDJ           SOABAHP        3,210
         WN6K            SOABCWLP      28,054            KK6NON          SOABSSBLP      1,640
         W6JBR           SOABLP        16,632

         NX6T (K4RB KK6NON N6EEG N6ERD N6KI NN6X W2PWS)                  MSHP         600,710
         AI6O                                                            MSHP          35,828
ARRL June VHF Claimed Scores
June 2016
         N6VHF           SOHP          12,172            NC6K            SO3LP          2,442
         N6GP/R          LRLP           9,955            KB7V            SOLP           1,000
         WN6K            SO3LP          3,364            AI6O            SOLP             693
CQWW WPX CW Claimed Scores
May 2016
         VY2TT(K6LA)     SOABHP    12,172,842            W6QU(W8QZA)     SOABQRP      292,824
         NO6T(N5ZO)      SOABHP     4,045,174            N6MU            SOABTSLP     273,558
         WA6KHK          SOAABHP    1,041,878            NE6I            SOAABHP       64,666
         W6TK            SOAABHP    1,041,579            WA6URY          SOABHP        53,040
         N6AA            SOABHP     1,026,178            N6HE            SOAABHP       42,480
         NC6K            SOAABLP      759,681            W6JBR           SOABLP        20,995
         KM6Z            SOABTSLP     645,084            AI6O            SOABHP        11,700
         WN6K            SOABLP       609,924            AI6DO@W6AGO     SOAABLP        1,239
         NC6B            SOAABLP      340,956

         WQ6X@NX6T(K4RB N6KI WQ6X)                                       MSHP       3,771,508
7th District QSO Party Claimed Scores
May 2016
         N6MU            SOCWLP       149,604            KI6QDH          SOLP           3,600
         AI6O            SOCWHP        17,400            AI6DO           SOABLP            18

         NX6T(K4RB KB7V N6EEG N6ERD N6KI NN6X W2PWS)                     M1HP         122,760
CQWW WPX SSB Claimed Scores
March 2016
         WA6KHK          SOAABHP    1,905,000            W6QU@W8QZA      SOABQRP      183,065
         W6TK            SOAABHP    1,332,318            KK6NON@KI6SYM   SOABLP        84,363
         KI6QDH          SOAABHP    1,046,528            W6KC            SOAABHP       27,680
         N6AA            SOABHP       887,742            WA6URY          SOABHP        23,580
         WN6K            SOABLP       850,770

         NX6T(N6KI WQ6X N6ERD NN6X AF6WF K6KAL K6OGO NA6MB N0DY N6CY)    M2HP       6,226,752