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Monthly News
May 2018
NEW this month...

I will be looking to publish some Monthly News and blurbs in this space going forward. If you have anything you would like to share, please send to the webmaster. All contributions encouraged! Pics, thoughts, news, what you are doing with your station this season, observations, any & all are welcome!

2017 W6YI ARRL SS Congratulations go out to some SCCCers in the 2017 ARRL Sweepstakes CW!

K6LA was a Division winner in the Single Operator, High Power category.
KI6RRN placed 7th and was a Division winner in the Single Operator, Low Power category.
W6YI & team took top honors overall in the MultiOp, Single Transmitter, High Power category!

Shown here, left to right, N6KI, N6WIN and K6AM at the W6YI MSHP station.

I Wanna Take You Higher by N6VI
May 2018
N6VI on 10 GHz I Wanna Take You Higher (Boom Shaka Laka Laka)

So, ten meters isn't open to anywhere. What to do? HF'ers will say, "Go lower", but I did the opposite. I went higher - much higher - to 10 gigahertz, a.k.a. the 3 cm band.

The first weekend in May is the 2 GHz & Up contest, sponsored by the San Bernardino Microwave Society, so I took a 24" dish with a 2-Watt transverter up to Frazier Peak and spent the day. Like its HF counterpart, conditions on 10 GHz were not very good this weekend, but I managed over two dozen contacts with distances up to nearly 600 km. Just as on HF, when conditions are not good enough for SSB, I went to CW for several of the more distant contacts, and that did the trick.

HH2AA Remote Operation in ARRL DX Phone by W2GD
March 2018
W2GD at HH2AA Even after five decades of contesting, there is always something new to try. My first attempt at remote operation turned out to be an amazing and unique adventure. My tale below is rather long - there were so many twists and turns.

First a few words about HH2AA, a station that has been on the Remote Ham Radio (RHR) network for a few years. This is a proof of concept project supported by RHR in cooperation with the Radio Club of Haiti. All proceeds from station rentals are returned to the people of Haiti through donations to the Haiti Air Ambulance Service organization - The station is a test platform used to try out off shore construction and operation techniques. It is located on a mountain at 6,300 feet ASL near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, solar powered, and remotely controlled using proprietary RHR software.

Video: V55V Rhombic Antennas - A Big Signal Out of Africa
March 2018
WPX SSB Claimed Scores
March 2018
         W6TK            SOABHP     1,469,880            WA6KHK          SOABHP       128,068
         KI6RRN          SOABLP       946,440            W6JBR           SOABHP        65,351
         N6WIN           SO(A)ABHP    932,790            N6AN            SOABLP        44,672
         AA6PW           SO(A)ABHP    812,820            W6KC            SO(A)ABHP     27,930
         WN6K            SOABLP       663,740            WA7BNM          SOSB20LP      23,296
         N6RV            SOABLP       307,060            K6MUG           SOABLP        18,408
         KF6I            SOABHP       268,590            N6HE            SO(A)ABHP      8,710

         NX6T (WQ6X, N6KI)                                               M/S HP     2,284,834 
ARRL DX PHONE Claimed Scores
March 2018
         ZF2MJ (N6MJ)    SOABHP     6,556,965            WA7BNM          SOSB/20LP     25,437
         VY2TT (K6LA)    SOABHP     1,451,664            K6RO		 SOABLP	       20,790
         W6YI            SOUHP        543,168            WA7BNM          SOSB/20LP     25,437
         W6TK		 SOABHP	      268,686		 W6JBR           SOABHP        20,160
	 N6AA		 SOABHP	      209,898		 N6HE            SOABHP         9,360
	 N6WS            SOUHP        180,420            W6ZAR		 SOABLP	        9,306
         N6RV		 SOABLP	      168,750		 W6KC            SOUHP          8,967
	 WA6KHK          SOUHP        160,140            WA6URY		 SOABHP	        6,969
         AA6PW           SOUHP         70,929            N6AN		 SOULP	        3,696
         NK6A		 SOUHP         38,850            AA6DW	  	 SOSB/20LP      1,296
	 NX6T (N6KI, WQ6X, N6CY, NN6X, AF6AV, W6ZAR, KK6NON)		 M/2 HP       730,256
NAQP RTTY Claimed Scores
February 2018
	 KI6RRN          SOLP         105,105            WA6I            SOLP          29,302
         KK6NON		 SOLP          64,904            AI6O            SOLP          16,160 
	 KM6Z		 SOLP	       37,440            W6JBR		 SOLP  	        8,192
	 K6PO            SOLP          36,297            N6GP            SOLP           7,296
         WN6K            SOLP          32,144            
	 SCCC #1 (KI6RRN, K6PO, WN6K, AI6O, KA6WKE)                                   189,706
	 SCCC #2 (WA6I, KN6GP,N6WIN)                                                   36,598 
ARRL DX CW Claimed Scores
February 2018
         K6NA            SOABHP       924,723            N6MU            SOABLP        94,017            
         AA6PW           SOUHP        548,429            N6WT            SOUHP         84,630
         N6WIN           SOUHP        477,639            W6QU (W8QZA)    SOAB QRP      79,608
         KI6RRRN         SOABLP       346,149            W6KC            SOUHP         79,380
         N6WS            SOUHP        330,120		 NK6A            SOABHP        55,419
	 WA6KHK		 SOUHP	      301,365		 W6JBR           SOABHP        50,652
	 N6NC (N5ZO)     SOUHP        268,302            N6HE		 SOABHP        23,607
         W6YA            SOSBHP 20    222,558            N4UEZ		 SOUHP         18,180
         W6TK		 SOUHP	      221,178		 WA6URY          SOABHP         4,617
	 N6RV            SOABLP       198,387            WA7BNM          SOSBLP 15      3,456
         WN6K            SOABLP       127,296            
	 W6RFU                                                           M/S HP       566,088
North American Sprint CW Claimed Scores
February 2018
	 N6WIN (N6MJ)  	               13,464            K6PO                           6,364
         N6AA                          12,556            W4EF                           4,332
         N5ZO                          12,012            NE6I			        1,872
         K6LA                          10,290
	 AC6T				8,346            

	 SCCC #1 (N6WIN, N6AA, N5ZO, K6LA, AC6T)                                       56,668
	 SCCC #2 (K6PO, W4EF, NE6I)                                                    12,568