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Monthly News (SCCCORE)
February 2019
Welcome aboard to our first new member of 2019, Stephen, K6AW! Stephen hails from Santa Barbara and enjoys HF contesting.

Have you heard this before? "Read the contest rules before starting the contest." That one hit home for yours truly last month. I added my call to the SCCC #4 team in NAQP CW so as to fill out the five member team. I knew I had limited time to operate but thought I could get in a few dozen Q's. I wound up having a little more time than I thought though. Surprisingly (at the time), I was able to work everything I could hear, even the extremely weak stations. Having fun with that, I put in more time than I expected and logged 135 contacts in just over three hours of mostly S&P. I had to admit that I was pretty happy with that. The following morning, I noticed that almost all of the entries on 3830scores showed as low power. DOH! I'd run high power the entire time, totally forgetting the fact that NAQP is a LP affair. Sorry SCCC #4. The NE6I log became a checklog. Repeat after me, "Read the contest rules before starting the contest." And take nothing for granted!

ARRL reports a "dramatic uptick" in the number of logs submitted in this year's ARRL RTTY Roundup (which took place the first weekend in January) as compared to 2018. Their informal polling indicates that RTTY and FT8 successfully shared spectrum during the contest as well. Early returns indicate that most operators operated one mode or the other but a small percentage operated both. WSJT-X co-developer K1JT logged an astounding 585 FT8 contacts during the contest! As a reminder, if using FT8 in an ARRL contest, you must enter one of the Unlimited categories if operating single operator. This is because WSJT-X is a multi-decoder.

Preliminary results for the ARRL SS Phone contest are now out. The K6AM station is atop the MSHP category. Full results will be published in the June issue of QST.

Preliminary results for the January NAQP CW are also out. Marko, N5ZO shows as 2nd place overall, followed closely by Axel, KI6RRN in 3rd. The SCCC #1 team shows as 2nd place in the team competition, with only 65K and a smidge points separating us from the top spot in a 1.3M point battle! Oh so close! Those preliminary results can be viewed here.

SCCC Monthly Poll
February, 2019
Click here for the this month's SCCC monthly poll. Our January, 2019 poll was "What brand of radio to you use primarily in contests?" 25% of our respondents said Yaesu. 18.75% said Kenwood. 12.5% said Icom. 6.25% said Flex, & 43.75% said Other. We should have included Elecraft! Our December, 2018 poll was "Have you ever hosted a guest operator at your station?" 11% of our respondents said yes. 89% said no. Our November, 2018 poll was "Have you ever operated multi-op in a contest (home or away)?" 80% of our respondents said yes. 20% said no. Our October, 2018 poll was "What is your favorite contest mode?" 76% of our respondents favored CW. 12% favored SSB and 6% favored RTTY. 6% had no favorite mode. Our September, 2018 poll was "What is your favorite contest?" CQP took the top spot. CQWW DX, WPX, NA Sprint and Sweepstakes all tied for second.
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N6NB - Contesting For 61 Years
November 2018
N6NB Rover Wayne Overbeck is no stranger to SCCCers. He has been contesting for 61 years! That's longer than some of us have been alive! His tower trailers have also been used for SCCC contesting (think XE2SI in the 1980s for example.) His web site is chalk full of contest and other good stuff. I asked Wayne to tell us a little about his VHF and up roving activities and was honored to get his story below.

I've been on the air for 61 years now. I've been operating VHF contests for almost that long, but I didn't manage to win a VHF contest nationally for a lot of years. It's never been easy to be competitive in VHF contests in the west. I finally reached #1 in the single operator category in June, 1973. Then I was #1 in five June contests in a row (1973-1977). After a year with almost no sporadic E here but excellent E skip in the east in 1978, I took a van and tower trailer to the northeast in 1979. I ended up winning 12 VHF contests nationally as a single operator before ARRL section multipliers were replaced by grid square multipliers in 1984.
ARRL DX CW Claimed Scores
February 2019
         VY2TT (K6LA)    SOHP       5,006,346            N6WT            SOUHP        130,269
         NO6T (KI6RRN)   SOHP       2,364,633            W6QU (W8QZA)    SOQRP        118,950
         K6NA            SOHP       1,150,422            N6HE            SOUHP         93,600
         K6NR            SOHP         702,381            NK6A            SOHP          79,704
         W6YI            SOUHP        629,370            KK6M            SOULP         62,496
         N6RV            SOULP        499,620            W6ZL            SOSB20LP      54,390
         W6TK            SOHP         401,427            W6JBR           SOHP          51,840
         N5ZO            SOSB20HP     319,152            WA6URY          SOHP          50,196
         WA6KHK          SOUHP        286,671            AI6O            SOHP          42,558
         N6QQ            SOUHP        289,300            K6RO            SOULP         29,304         
         W6YA            SOSB20HP     270,192            WA7BNM          SOSB20LP      27,258
         W6TMD           SOHP         237,390            N6IC            SOALP         22,848
         K6ZH            SOAHP        215,055            W4EF            SOAHP         14,790 
         AA6AA (@W7RN)   SOUHP        205,410            KX6A            SOULP         14,151 
         N6WS            SOAHP        204,228            K6PO            SOULP         10,050
         KM6Z            SOLP         190,560            W6KC            SOUHP          8,460
         W6UM            SOUHP        148,050            KB9FKO          ??             2,880
         N6MU            SOLP         139,416            HP8/NC6Q        SOQRP            810
         W6AX (@W6RFU)(AC6T, K6AW)                                       MSHP         936,600
CQ WPX RTTY Claimed Scores
February 2019
         WN6K            SOABLP       441,910            N6LL            SOABLP       108,501
         K6MUG           SOABLP       316,433            AI6O            SOABHP       125,300
         KI6VC           SOABHP       295,260            N6WT            SOABHP        99,484
         KM6Z            SOABLP       250,860            W6TK            SOABHP        62,918
         N6HE            SOABHP       175,330            NE6I            SOABHP        49,790
         AK6W (op K6AW)  SOABHP       172,753            NK6A            SOABHP        34,606
         KF6RY (op W6ZL) SOSB20LP     136,416            W6JBR           SOABHP        32,742
North American Sprint CW Claimed Scores
February 2019
	 N6MJ                          15,888            W4EF                          12,048
         N5ZO                          15,072            K6ZH                          11,776
         N6AA                          14,544            W6UE (N6AN)                    5,031
         K6NA                          13,959            WA6URY                         2,852
         N6RT (@N6WIN)                 13,920            KM6Z                           2,449
         NX6T (KI6RRN)                 13,570            AI6O                           2,310
         K6LA                          12,972
	 SCCC #1 (N6AA, N5ZO, N6MJ, N6RT, K6NA)                                        73,383
	 SCCC #2 (NX6T, K6ZH, K6LA, K6AW, W4EF)                                        50,716

         SCCC #1 currently trending in 2nd place!
CQ 160 Meter Claimed Scores
January 2019
         AA6AA (@W7RN)   SOAHP        111,636            KI6VC           SOHP          13,201
         NC6K            SOAHP         45,180            N6VI            SOLP          10,908
         K6NR            SOHP          41,888            K6NA            SOHP          10,400
         K6AW            SOAHP         27,664            KF6I            SOAHP         10,110
         N6LL            SOLP          17,544            W6JBR           SOHP           3,894
         KA6WKE          SOLP          15,246            N6IC            SOLP           1,520
ARRL VHF January Claimed Scores
January 2019
         N6GP/R          LRLP           7,056            K6PO            SO3BLP           280
         NC6K            SO3BLP         1,612            NE6I            SOLP             140
         N6QQ            SOLP           1,269            AI6DO           SOLP              12
NAQP SSB Claimed Scores
January 2019
         N5ZO            SOLP         191,646            K6LA            SOLP           8,357
         W6YI            SOLP         132,020            K6RO            SOLP           5,504
         KI6RRN          SOLP         102,060            W6JBR           SOLP           4,773
         W6TK            SOLP         101,152            WA7BNM          SOLP           1,550
         WN6K            SOLP          70,091            W6KC            SOLP             560
         N6VOH           SOLP          34,773            N0XNN           SOLP             480
         KI6VC           SOLP          28,400            K6MUG           SOLP             270
         K6NA            SOLP          10,752
         SCCC #1 (W6YI, KI6RRN, W6TK, WN6K, W6AFA)                                    405,323
         SCCC #2 (N6VOH, N0XNN, K6LA, K6RO, K6JO)                                      49,114
         SCCC #3 (N5ZO, K6NA, KI6VC, NE6I)                                            230,798
NAQP CW Claimed Scores
January 2019
         N5ZO            SOLP         359,315            K6NA            SOLP          41,208
         NO6T (KI6RRN)   SOLP         347,506            W6KK            SOLP          23,766
         N6TR            SOLP         276,060            W6ZL            SOLP          21,680
         N6WIN           SOLP         221,288            KF6I            SOLP          14,352
         K6LA            SOLP         166,530            WQ6X (@W7AYT)   SOLP          12,264
         K6NR            SOLP         146,608            KX6A            SOLP          10,738
         AC6T (@W6RFU)   SOLP         133,407            W6JBR           SOLP           9,408
         KM6Z            SOLP          87,472            NE6I            SOHP           8,556
         WN6K            SOLP          85,544            KI6VC           SOLP           2,835
         W6UE (N6AN)     SOLP          82,472            KB9FKO          SOLP           1,736
         N6WT            M2LP          74,227            WA6URY          SOLP           1,650
         AA6PW           SOLP          64,764            W6KC            SOLP             320
         SCCC #1 (N5ZO, N6TR, N6WIN, NO6T (KI6RRN), AC6T)                           1,337,556
         SCCC #2 (K6LA, WN6K, AA6PW, WQ6X (@W7AYT), KF6I)                             343,454
         SCCC #3 (W6UE (N6AN), KI6VC, W6ZL, AI6O, W6KK)                               130,753
         SCCC #4 (N6AA, KB9FKO, K6NA, KB9FKO, NE6I)                                    42,944

         (NE6I and AI6O will be checklogs due to mistakenly running HP)
ARRL RTTY Roundup Claimed Scores
January 2019
         K6JO            SOLP          88,781            KI6VC           SOHP          10,854
         N6WT            SOHP          74,376            NK6A            SOHP          10,706
         WN6K            SOLP          48,720            N6LL            SOLP           9,968
         KM6Z            SOLP          39,260            W6JBR           SOLP           6,419
         KF6RY (W6ZL)    SOLP          23,250            K6MUG           SOLP           6,063
         W6TK            SOLP          16,184            AI6O            SOHP           2,592
         K6ZH            SOHP          16,165            KB9FKO          SOLP           1,800
         N6PM            SOLP          15,706            NE6I            SOLP           1,440
Stew Perry Top Band Challenge Claimed Scores
December 2018
         N6AA            SOHP           1,481            AI6O            SOHP             576
         K0XP            SOLP             637            KI6RRN          SOLP             526             
ARRL 10-Meter Contest Claimed Scores
December 2018
         K6AM            SOMUHP        84,032            K0XP            SOCWLP         4,028
         AA6PW           SOMUHP        70,656            W6QU(W8QZA)     SOSSBQRP       3,234
         K6NR            SOCWHP        62,192            KX6A            SOCWULP        3,264
         WN6K            SOMLP         30,576            AI6DO           SOMLP          2,628
         NK6A            SOMUHP        28,036            W6JBR           SOMLP          2,420
         KM6Z            SOCWLP        16,128            WA7BNM          SOMLP          2,100
         AI6O            SOCWHP        12,500            KF6I            SOMUHP         1,320
         KU6CW(N6CW)     SOCWUHP       11,556            WA6URY          SOCWHP           500
         N6LL            SOMHP          9,920            K6MUG           SOSSBLP          272
         K6PO            SOCWULP        7,100            NE6I            SOCWUHP           84
         W6ZL            SOCWLP         4,620

         W6UE (N6AN, VA6DAF)                                             MSHP          68,172
FT8 Roundup Claimed Scores
December 2018
         W6BQ            SOULP         54,912            NK6A            SOULP          6,900
         K6PO            SOULP         16,554            N6NB            SOULP          1,344
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