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To Southern California Contest Club:
Dear Fellow DX-ers and Contesters,

You are cordially invited to the Asia Pacific DX Convention 2014, which will take place November 14-16, 2014.

In addition to our usual presentations on recent DX-peditions, technical sessions, DX dinners and so forth, this convention offers something special. Japan is where most of the amateur radio equipment is developed, and you will have the opportunity to join a tour to the Icom factory, participate in a technical session led by the Icom HF radio design team, and more.

All of the programs at APDXC are conducted in English! For more details, please visit the APDXC website. For convention updates, check our website often, or send an email to subscribe to the APDXC newsletter:

We look forward to welcoming you at the APDXC in Osaka, Japan. - APDXC Committee / JA3USA
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September 27-28
October 04-05
October 04-05
New Jersey
October 11-12
October 12-13
October 19-20
New York
October 19-20
The K9CT Contest Station - Craig Thompson K9CT
September 2014
The K9CT Contest Station was created as a project and challenge for myself. The spark that lead to this was the compromises of living in close quarters to my neighbors and finding out what could be done to get to the next level in contesting. My curiosity of all of the technologies and designs that could be implemented whet my appetite for the project. But most of all, the camaraderie of the dxpedition team environment lead me to the multi-operator contesting setup.

I wanted a blank canvas to work with and needed some land for the project. My search for property started in 2008 and continued until 2009 when I acquired 18 acres of flat land about four miles from my home and station. I did some research before looking for the land. Contesters were surveyed and responses were gathered. Generally, I was advised to find a flat rectangular plot of about 10 to 20 acres. The long portion of the rectangle needed to run north-south so that the towers would line up and the EU and JA paths would provide isolation between antennas.    more
Video: Full Size 160m Vertical at RT0C
August 2014
NA Sprint CW Claimed Scores
September 2014
            N6AA            HP       13,640               WA6URY          HP          714
            K6LA            HP       12,716

            SCCC #1 (N6AA, N6AN, K6LA, W4EF)                                       26,356
NAQP SSB Claimed Scores
August 2014
            KI6VC           SO       71,019               K6ZED           SO        9,520
            W6AQ            SO       53,530               WA7BNM          SO          330
            K6DDJ           SO       12,489

            NX6T (N6KI, WQ6X, K6GO, N6ERD, KB7V et al)                    M2      201,569

            SCCC #1 (WA6KHK, KI6VC, K6ZED, K6DDJ, N5ZO)                            93,028
NAQP CW Claimed Scores
August 2014
            N6AN@K6NA       SO      167,454               W6TK            SO       82,099
            N5ZO            SO      136,260               KI6VC           SO       46,980
            AC6T            SO      107,440               WA6KHK          SO       44,821
            NX6T(N6CY)      SO      100,512               WA6URY          SO       38,962
            K6ZZ            SO       94,484               K6DDJ           SO       19,053
            XE2MX           SO       92,976               N6NC            SO        7,040

            SCCC #1 (N6AN@K6NA, AC6T, KI6VC, K6ZZ, XE2MX)                         509,334
            SCCC #2 (N5ZO, NX6T(N6CY), K2RP, W6TK, WA6KHK)                        363,692
IARU HF Championship
July 2014
       K6LA        SOHPMIX   1,305,472          NK6A        SOHPMIX    135,172
       K6NR        SOHPCW      590,178          KI6QDH      SOLPMIX     49,819
       N6MI        SOHPMIX     397,846          W6TK        SOLPCW      47,679
       N6QQ        SOHPMIX     181,632

       NX6T (N6KI, KL7SB, WB6NBU, NN6X, NA6L)               MSHP       997,084
       WA6URY                                               MSHP       111,696