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Monthly News (SCCCORE - SoCal Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments)
September 2021
SCCC logo Have you wondered about the WA6TQT super station that is often operated remotely by Axel, KI6RRN and a handful of other SCCCers? John has posted a couple of wonderful drone videos on YouTube of his antenna farm there in Anza. Check out this one, for example.

And what about Tim, N6WIN? As most of you know, Tim moved from SoCal to Arizona a number of years ago and has been busy building, improving and fine tuning his contest super station. Tim is now very active with the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club. Tim has a presentation describing building his station on YouTube as well. Check it out here.

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September 2021
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Updated 25 July 2021
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courtesy of the WA7BNM Contest Calendar.
Video: N6MI Field Day 2021 Ventura County
August 2021
N6MI Field Day 2021 in Ventura County with N6MI, NB6E, K6VCR, N7DA, KN6OGP, K1BTW and Broden

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Video: Transceiver Performance by Rob Sherwood, NC0B
July 2021
Transceiver performance for the HF DX & contest operator with Rob Sherwood, NC0B

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ARRL VHF Claimed Scores
September 2021
         N6GP/R          LtdROVER      16,110            W6JK            SOLP           1,482
         KX6A/R          LtdROVER      12,005            WA7BNM          SOLP             112
         N6UTC/R         LtdROVER      10,608            NE6I            SOLP              75
         N6VI            SOLP           9,207            AI6DO           SOLP              44
         N6QQ            SOHP           2,263            
NA Sprint CW Claimed Scores
September 2021
         NO6T (KI6RRN)*  SOHP          18,550            AC6T            SOHP          10,032
         N6MJ            SOHP          17,490            K6NR            SOHP           5,535
         N5ZO            SOHP          16,371            W6AQ (N6AN)     SOQRP          5,494
         W4EF            SOHP          15,147            N6AA            SOHP           4,294
         K6ZH            SOHP          13,052            WA6URY          SOHP           3,468
         * @WA6TQT
         SCCC #1 (NO6T, N5ZO, N6MJ, K6ZH, AC6T)                                        75,495
         SCCC #2 (W6AQ, N6AA, W4EF, WQ6X)                                              24,935      
Kansas QSO Party Claimed Scores
August 2021
         KI6RRN          SOHP         185,940            W6KC            SOHP           8,563
         N6MU            SOLP         108,052            AI6DO           SOLP           1,540
         N6GP            SOLP          11,872            WI6X            SOHP             273
Hawaii QSO Party Claimed Scores
August 2021
         KI6RRN          SOABHP         3,692            N6GP            SOABLP           630
         W6ZL            SOABLP         2,448            WI6X            SOABHP           312
         AI6DO           SOABLP         1,056
NAQP SSB Claimed Scores
August 2021
         N5ZO            SOLP         151,632            W6UE (N6AN)     SOLP           7,488
         W6TK            SOLP          50,601            WA6URY          SOLP           4,958
         WN6K            SOLP          44,786            W6KC            SOLP           1,200
         K6RO            SOLP          43,774            N6LL            SOLP             405
         WA7BNM          SOLP          10,370
         SCCC (W6TK, WN6K, WQ6X, N5ZO, K6RO)                                          290,793
WAE CW Claimed Scores
August 2021
         N6WT            SOHP          29,400            W6TK            SOHP           3,876            
         NC6K            SOHP           9,760            N6RV            SOHP           2,640
         W6ZL            SOLP           6,844            WA6URY          SOHP             961
NAQP CW Claimed Scores
August 2021
         NO6T (KI6RRN)   SOLP (Youth) 332,511            W6LAX           SOLP          25,200
         N5ZO            SOLP         306,656            AI6DO           SOLP          16,300
         W6AYC           SOLP         106,485            WA7BNM          SOLP          16,100
         NC6K            SOLP          89,745            N6AN            SOQRP         12,240
         K6NR            SOLP          79,032            W6KC            SOLP           7,750
         K6LA            SOLP          72,912            N6LL            SOLP           7,392
         N6AA            SOLP          66,220            N6VH            SOLP           6,380
         W6ZL            SOLP          46,740            NE6I            SOLP             861
         WN6K            SOLP          38,306            N6WT            SOQRP            660
         K6PO            SOLP          37,323            N6IC            SOLP              80
         KK6M            SOLP          26,058

         SCCC #1 (NO6T, W6ZL, NC6K, WQ6X, K6LA)                                       541,908
         SCCC #2 (N6AA, K6PO, N6WT, N6VH, N6VOH)                                      110,583
         SCCC #3 (AI6DO, N6AN, NE6I)                                                   29,401