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Video: Cost of a Decibel - Jukka Klemola OH6LI
December 2014
OL7M Contest Group - Pavel Prihoda OK1MU
February 2014
It was in May 2005 when our dream came true and we have bought 19,000 square meters (4.7 acres) of bare field. We began to build our HF QTH with 13 members of the OL7M team: OK1CU, OK1CW, OK1CDJ, OK1DF, OK1FRE OK1HRA, OK1MU, OK1TYM, OK1UGA, OK1UOW, OK1XUB, OK1YM and OK2ZAW.

We are active on all bands, starting on our favorite band 1.8MHz and ending on 10GHz microwave band. There is our QTH in the foothills of Orlické hory (Eagle mountains) about 80 miles east of the capital city Prague, in locator JO80cf.

There are three HF small houses with two-band shacks in each of them and one small separate house equipped for VHF-UHF EME operation. In addition there are two other houses used for accommodation and living.    more
ARRL 10m Contest Claimed Scores
December 2014
            K6AM            SOLP       1,227,434            N6HC            SOUHPCW      230,868
            W6PH            SOHPCW     1,052,120            N6AA            SOHPCW       226,728
            AA6PW           SOHPCW     1,010,496            N6MU            SOLPCW       162,000
            N6AN@W6UE       SOHP         710,334            WA6URY          SOHP         144,540
            NK6A            SOUHP        483,200            W6QU(W8QZA)     SOQRPSSB      70,818
            N6VI            SOHP         349,048            KI6QDH          SOULP         61,404
            WN6K            SOLP         307,594            AI6O            SOHPCW        57,200
            W6TK            SOUHPCW      268,520

            NX6T (AF6WF K4RB K6KAL N6EEG N6ERD N6KI NA6MB NB7V NN6X W2PWS)  MSHP       1,479,000
ARRL 160m Contest Claimed Scores
December 2014
            W6PH            SOHP         127,920            N6AA            SOHP          79,572
            N6KI@NX6T       SOUHP         99,712            K6NR            SOHP          78,842
CQ World Wide DX Contest CW Claimed Scores
November 2014
            VY2TT(K6LA)     SOABHP    11,501,145            K7ACZ           SOABLP       457,595
            HR2J(N6AA)      SOABHP     7,087,350            W6YA            SOSBHP       447,435
            KH7M(N6TJ)      SOABHP     5,843,271            W6JK            SOABHP       319,716 
            K6NA            SOABHP     4,173,624            N6HE            SOABHP       286,620 
            W6PH            SOABAHP    4,020,624            K6DDJ           SOABHP       257,881
            W6TK            SOABAHP    1,776,600            W6QU(W8QZA)	    SOABQRP      233,079
            AA6PW           SOABAHP    1,554,630            WA6URY          SOABHP       134,693
            N6RV            SOABLP     1,476,200            NK6A            SOSBAHP      133,104
            WN6K            SOABLP       819,153            N6KI@NX6T       SOABAQRP     132,164
            WA6KHK          SOABALP      697,600            W6LEN           SOABLP        78,642
            W6UM            SOABHP       600,541            KI6QDH          SOABAHP       32,928
            XE2MX           SOABLP       536,846

            N6MI@AF6O (N6MI, AF6O)                                          M1HP       1,564,028
n6mi During the CQ WW DX CW contest (November 29-30, UTC), Scott N6MI (little pistol) was guest operator at the AF6O (big gun) station in Pinon Hills, California (DM14ej).

With help from Jim (AF6O), Sheila, and Scamp (the dog), N6MI piloted the station to a gross score of 1,564,028. This included 1,456 QSOs, 120 total zones, and 268 country multipliers (80 through 10 meters).

N6MI’s best band was ten meters (428 QSOs, 30 zones, and 76 countries). Conditions were excellent on most bands, though N6MI recalls that conditions were “5% better” in the October CQ WW DX SSB. Both contests included long runs on 10 meters on Saturday morning (California time). Often, the biggest “problem” was where to point the beam because the bands were almost always open in more than one direction.

n6mi N6MI was very impressed with the twin AF6O delta loops on 40 meters. N6MI reports that some European stations just popped out of the noise on the EU-VK loop. N6MI‘s highlights include: being called by a VU2; working deep Asians during the entire contest; working Europe on 40 in the early evening; proper English tea breaks; breaking most pileups with the first or second call; the Sunday sunrise (windy with angry clouds); taking naps on a real bed (instead of the floor of the N6MI contest van); the luxury of operating without having to drive to a remote location in the ham van; and making AF6O laugh with silly CW frivolity.

N6MI had a macro for “AF6O is at the paddle” (to be played at appropriate times during the contest). N6MI acknowledges that his CW is substantially better on Saturday, when he is rested. N6MI was pleased with the meal service provided to guest operators; AF6O would not confirm that this service is available to all visitors.
ARRL Sweepstakes CW Claimed Scores
November 2014
            W6PH             SOHP        189,240            WA6KHK           SOULP       100,926
            W6RFU(AC6T)  SCHOOLHP        177,952            N6MU             SOLP         68,040
            AA6PW            SOLP        158,530            W6JK             SOHP         61,308
            N6AA             SOHP        146,944            NK6A             SOUHP        53,136
            WN6K             SOHP        138,744            W6QAR(KB9FKO)    SOLP         40,896
            W6TK             SOUHP       123,000            W1HIJ            SOLP         20,296
            K6ZH             SOUHP       107,070            NI6W(W4EF)       SOHP          4,340

            W6YI(K6AM N5ZO N6AN N6KI N6MJ W6YI)                              MOHP        235,720
            NX6T(K4RB KB7V NØDY N6CY N6EEG N6KI)                             MOLP        161,850