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Monthly News (SCCCORE - SoCal Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments)
August 2021
SCCC logo The CQP Chairman (California QSO Party), Dean, N6DE sent the following regarding rule changes for the 2021 event. As you may recall, Dean had solicited feedback regarding proposed changes.

I received over 50 replies. The CQP Organizing Team read and carefully considered your feedback. We listened and made changes to the proposed rules and awards change proposal based on your suggestions. Although we were unable to satisfy everyone's request, the most significant rules changes we made to our proposal as a direct result of your feedback are:
  • 1. Restored county line station QSO scoring back to the way it was last year.
  • 2. Club Competition: created a single 175 mile radius club circle.
  • 3. Club Competition: created five club categories based on the number of logs received.
  • 4. Club Competition: eliminated rare QTH bonuses.

  • With this, we have now published the CQP 2021 Rules on our web page at:
    CQP 2021 Club Competition Rules are also posted at:

    2021 awards updates will be posted soon on

    -Dean - N6DE
    CQP 2021 Chairman

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    August 2021
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    Video: N6MI Field Day 2021 Ventura County
    August 2021
    N6MI Field Day 2021 in Ventura County with N6MI, NB6E, K6VCR, N7DA, KN6OGP, K1BTW and Broden

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    Video: Transceiver Performance by Rob Sherwood, NC0B
    July 2021
    Transceiver performance for the HF DX & contest operator with Rob Sherwood, NC0B

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    CQWW VHF Claimed Scores
    July 2021
             NC6K            SOABHP        15,088            AI6DO           SOABLP           684
             N6GP/R          RoverLP        6,912            N6IC            SOSB6LP          144
             K6ZH            SOABLP         5,445            NE6I            SOSB6LP            4
             K6RO            SOSB6LP        1,829            N6CW            SOSB6LP            1
             WA7BNM          SOSB6LP        1,144            
    NAQP RTTY Claimed Scores
    July 2021
             WN6K            SOLP          36,618            K6FA            SOLP           6,195
             KF6RY (W6ZL)    SOLP          33,066            N6HE            SOLP           5,684
             N6LL            SOLP          10,074            
    IARU Claimed Scores
    July 2021
             NT6Q(N5ZO@N5ZO) SOABACWHP  1,435,830            K6FA            SOABMHP       25,355
             K6NA            SOABCWHP     823,400            W6JBR           SOABMHP       23,184
             W6TK            SOABACWLP    166,797            WA6URY          SOABMHP       22,981
             WN6K            SOABCWLP     113,470            AI6DO           SOABMLP       11,439
             W6AYC           SOABCWHP      70,587            N6IC            SOABCWLP       9,240
             W6ZL            SOABCWLP      49,619            W6ML (W6KC)     SOAMHP         8,388
             WA7BNM          SOABMLP       45,024            AA6AA           SOABCWHP          65
             NK6A            SOABMHP       39,440            K6MUG           SOSB?LP           52
    RAC Claimed Scores
    July 2021
             N6AA            SOABLP        17,580            WA6URY          SOABHP         6,552
             K6FA            SOABQRP        9,760            AI6DO           SOSB20LP         600
             NO6T (N6NC, N7NR, VE4EA, KI6RRN, +1) (@WA6TQT)                  MSHP         724,612                     
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