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August 2016
S56X Single Op Contest Station - Dušan Gomboc S56X
May 2014
S56X is a single OP location, located in the NE part of Slovenia near the Austrian border, in a small village named Gerlinci. The location occupies approximately 5 acres and is in close proximity of my family home. No industrial plants are present in the neighborhood, so the location is relatively quiet.

My first amateur radio license (call sign YU3OI) dates from the time of former Yugoslavia. After the Slovenian declaration of independence I started with a homemade 4 EL 3 band Cubical Quad antenna, operating at the upper three shortwave bands, with a former call sign S51OI.

A short time after, a Wilkinson driven 80m 4 Square array, mounted on 4 grounded lattice towers was erected. Better results were achieved on upper bands, mainly because the site is located in a moderate depression.    more
North American QSO Party SSB Claimed Scores
August 2016
         VY2TT(K6LA)     SOLP          70,702            WB6NBU          SOLP           5,824
         AA6PW           SOLP          62,381            KK6NON          SOLP           5,762
         WN6K            SOLP          61,659            W6JBR           SOLP           3,397
         KI6VC           SOLP          41,756            WA6URY          SOLP           3,182
         KI6QDH          SOLP          20,020            WQ6X@W7AYC      SOLP           2,775
         K6DDJ           SOLP          12,480            N6PM            SOLP           2,688
         AI6O            SOLP           8,479            NE6I            SOLP           2,268
         W6TK            SOLP           7,240            KK6ABZ          SOLP             897

         NX6T (KK6NON N6ERD W6QE N6KI N9ADG NN6X N6EEG K6GO NA6MB K6AM N6NC)          234,180

         SCCC #1 (WQ6X KI6VC K6DDJ KI6QDH VY2TT(K6LA))                                147,733
         SCCC #2 (N6PM KK6NON AI6O W6TK AA6PW)                                         83,862
         SCCC #3 (WB6NBU KK6ABZ NE6I WN6K)                                             70,648

NX6T Operation
North American QSO Party CW Claimed Scores
August 2016
         N5ZO            SOLP         186,930            K6DDJ           SOLP          25,026
         K6LA            SOLP         141,764            N6MU            SOLP          22,413
         W6TK            SOLP          93,522            W6KY            SOLP          14,381
         AC6T@W6RFU      SOLP          88,330            NC6B            SOLP          13,300
         NC6K            SOLP          78,876            WQ6X@W7AYT      SOLP          13,056
         N6AA            SOLP          59,118            NE6I            SOLP           9,145
         AA6PW           SOLP          55,968            WA6URY          SOLP           6,771
         N6KI@K6AM       SOLP          40,284            W6JBR           SOLP           5,100
         WN6K            SOLP          39,165            N6HE            SOLP             588
         WB6NBU          SOLP          25,098

         SCCC #1 (AC6T K6DDJ K6LA WQ6X W6TK)                                          336,672
         SCCC #2 (KI6VC NC6Q N6KI WB6NBU N6PM)                                         65,382
         SCCC #3 (N6AA NC6B AA6PW W6KY N5ZO)                                          329,697
North American QSO Party RTTY Claimed Scores
July 2016
         W6TK            SOLP          42,240            AI6O            SOLP           8,190
         KI6QDH          SOLP          20,880            W6JBR           SOLP           4,784
         AI6DO           SOLP          15,750            NC6B            SOLP           2,769
         N6HE            SOLP           9,472

         SCCC (W6TK KI6QDH AI6O W6KY KI6VC)                                            71,310
IARU World Championship CW Claimed Scores
July 2016
         W6TK            SOABACWHP    188,000            W6QU(W8QZA)     SOABSSBQRP    11,438
         NC6B            SOABALP       28,850            K6DDJ           SOABAHP        3,210
         WN6K            SOABCWLP      28,054            KK6NON          SOABSSBLP      1,640
         W6JBR           SOABLP        16,632

         NX6T (K4RB KK6NON N6EEG N6ERD N6KI NN6X W2PWS)                  MSHP         600,710
         AI6O                                                            MSHP          35,828