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State QSO Parties
The Other Conference On April 14-17 - N6NB
April 2016
While about 800 contesters and DXers were gathered in Visalia, another amateur radio conference was under way on the opposite side of the United States. It was the VHF "Super Conference," a first-time event that was held near Washington, D.C.

The Super Conference resulted from a merger of the Eastern VHF Conference, sponsored by the Northeast Weak Signal Group (NEWS), the Mid-Atlantic VHF Conference, sponsored by the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club (the Packrats) and the Southeast VHF Conference, sponsored by the Southeast VHF Society. Much of the work of hosting the conference was done by members of the Grid Pirates Contest Group (K8GP). Terry Price (W8ZN) and his wife Margie (K4MEP) seemed to be everywhere, pulling things together and solving problems. The event was held at the Dulles Airport Holiday Inn.

At the final count, 233 were registered for the Super Conference and a number of others dropped by.    more
Video: Contest Activities Dayton 2016 - K3LR
May 2016
KL2R: The Two Rivers Contest Club - N1TX
May 2014
The Two Rivers Contest Club had very humble beginnings. The first seed was planted just over a decade ago. In late 2003, Rich Strand KL7RA was disassembling his multi-multi station and had his spacious, split-level log home for sale. KL7RA had stood as a beacon for many years heating up the airwaves from about 20 miles east of Fairbanks. Rich was finally executing his post-retirement plan to move to Kenai, Alaska, where propagation promised to be far superior to the ionospheric conditions under Fairbanks’ aurora. I had been a member of the KL7RA team for several years. Due to a change in family circumstances, my XYL Connie KL1BE and I needed a place more suitable than our tiny cabin. Soon a deal was struck, and in April 2004 the five-acre property changed hands.

More space for antennas and larger living quarters were both on my mind but a serious contest station was not part of the plan. As Rich and I were taking down the last 190-foot tower in June 2004, I proposed that he should sell me part of it.    more
The SBMS Microwave Contest - N6NB
May 2016
Probably not many SCCC members have ever gotten on the air to operate in the San Bernardino Microwave Society Contest, held last weekend (April 30-May 1), but they will surely recognize some of the calls of people who did get on for this exotic microwave contest.

As an organization, SBMS is a little like SCCC. It's a regional entity that attracts people from four or five counties to its meetings. As far as anyone knows, this club has never met in San Bernardino, but some of its founders (engineers in the postwar era) worked at a U.S. Navy research facility in Norco. They started meeting at the Corona American Legion Hall--and that tradition has continued for upwards of 50 years.              more
7th District QSO Party Claimed Scores
May 2016
         N6MU            SOCWLP       149,604           KI6QDH          SOLP            3,600
         AI6O            SOCWHP        17,400           AI6DO           SOABLP             18

         NX6T(K4RB KB7V N6EEG N6ERD N6KI NN6X W2PWS)                     M1HP         122,760
CQWW WPX SSB Claimed Scores
March 2016
         WA6KHK          SOAABHP    1,905,000            W6QU@W8QZA      SOABQRP      183,065
         W6TK            SOAABHP    1,332,318            KK6NON@KI6SYM   SOABLP        84,363
         KI6QDH          SOAABHP    1,046,528            W6KC            SOAABHP       27,680
         N6AA            SOABHP       887,742            WA6URY          SOABHP        23,580
         WN6K            SOABLP       850,770

         NX6T(N6KI WQ6X N6ERD NN6X AF6WF K6KAL K6OGO NA6MB N0DY N6CY)    M2HP       6,226,752