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I am selling an AT-Auto automatic 1.5 KW antenna tuner, complete with all paperwork and the software DVD. All anyone needs to do is check for comments about this device. I want $950 plus shipping, though I would prefer pickup in either Hollywood or Encinitas. It's in like new condition.

73, Dave Bell, W6AQ. (Photo of a similar unit - AF6O)

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April 2014
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The HG7T Story - Tibi Nemeth, HA7TM
April 2014
The HG7T station is actually located in the HA0 district, but fortunately the Hungarian rules are similar to those of the US, and I could keep the call, when I moved my contest location to HA0.

I bought the property in 2009 from another ham, who already had a 100 foot tall tower with a TH7DX and an A3WS atop, plus wire antennas for low bands, and several long Beverages for low-band reception. The station was mostly DX-oriented rather than built for contesting.

I stated with erecting 4 new self-supporting 115 feet tall towers, for 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter antennas. The original 40 m antenna was a 3 element Opti-Beam, which I had to replace by a 4 element KLM when we got access to the "high" portion of 40. The Opti-Beam is still there, waiting to be installed for a second direction. For the three high band I chose ZX Yagi antennas, 2x6 for 20, 2x7 for 15 and 10.    more
D4C Monteverde Contest Team - Luca Aliprandi IK2NCJ
April 2014
If you use to tune up the bands during main contest of the year you probably had the chance to copy and work “Delta four Charlie” callsign on all bands.

This call is used to identify a team specifically born for contesting: The “Monteverde Contest Team” It is composed of six members, HB9DUR Andrea, I4UFH Fabio, I4YSS Vic, IK2NCJ Luca, IZ4DPV Max and YL2KL Girts and started the activity in November 2007 when D4C was on-the-air during CQWW DX CW as M/2.

The station is located on the Island of Sao Vicente, one of the ten islands that make up the archipelago of Cape Verde. Monteverde is the name of the mountain where the station has been established.    more
The Rio DX Group PR1T - Felipe Ceglia PY1NB
March 2014
The Rio DX Group’s contest station project started in CQWW SSB 2006, the operators where only PY1NB and PY1ZV, using the callsign ZW1TT.

In this operation’s debriefing we decided to go on with the project, change the callsign to PR1T and evolve the modest “wires and tribander” setup to something a tad larger.

The project target was to have a minimally competitive contest station and a place to let new operators get their feet wet at HF contesting.

On CQWW SSB 2007 we made our debut. Still with a very modest setup, only one amplifier, manual antenna switching but now with a short 2 element 40m beam, We were still rookie operators, we joined the contest mainly to practice and learn.    more
CQ World Wide WPX SSB Claimed Scores
March 2014

            NY6N(W6YI)   SOSBHP   3,757,004               W6QU(W8QZA)  SOABQRP   679,644
            W6TK         SOAABHP  3,093,454               N6HE         SOAABHP   365,818
            WN6K         SOABLP   1,862,382               K6DDJ        SOAABHP   204,078
            N6QQ         SOAABHP  1,208,064

ARRL DX SSB Claimed Scores
March 2014
            VY2TT(K6LA)  SOUHP    5,378,010               W6QU(W8QZA)  SOABQRP   306,660
            N6QQ@N6MXU   SOABHP   1,340,739               K6NA         SOABHP    227,916
            W6TK         SOUHP      937,296               WN6K         SOSBLP    141,183
            N6RV         SOABLP     766,656               WA6URY       SOABHP    122,310
            N6AA         SOABHP     705,456               W6QE         SOABLP     88,044
            AA6PW        SOUHP      664,884               N6KA         SOSBHP     41,175
            W6YI         SOSBHP     556,875               KB7V         SOUHP      17,112
ARRL DX CW Claimed Scores
February 2014
            VY2TT(K6LA)  SOABHP   5,662,440               N6HE         SOABHP    237,360
            AF6O         SOABHP   1,755,504               NK6A         SOUHP     203,490
            N6RV         SOABLP   1,131,400               WA6URY       SOABHP    134,724
            K6NR         SOABHP   1,110,888               W6SJ         SOHP      133,560
            N6WS         SOUHP      593,505               NE6I         SOUHP      95,499
            AA6PW        SOUHP      540,855               W6LEN        SOULP      94,488
            WN6K         SOULP      468,666               N6NC         SOSBHP     46,740
            N6MU         SOABLP     401,544               W6TK         SOUHP      40,725
            W6QU(W8QZA)  SOABQRP    300,237               KQ6ES        SOSBHP     34,740