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Contest Stations Around the World

OL7M Contest Group - Pavel Prihoda OK1MU
February 2014
It was in May 2005 when our dream came true and we have bought 19,000 square meters (4.7 acres) of bare field. We began to build our HF QTH with 13 members of the OL7M team: OK1CU, OK1CW, OK1CDJ, OK1DF, OK1FRE OK1HRA, OK1MU, OK1TYM, OK1UGA, OK1UOW, OK1XUB, OK1YM and OK2ZAW.

We are active on all bands, starting on our favorite band 1.8MHz and ending on 10GHz microwave band. There is our QTH in the foothills of Orlické hory (Eagle mountains) about 80 miles east of the capital city Prague, in locator JO80cf.

There are three HF small houses with two-band shacks in each of them and one small separate house equipped for VHF-UHF EME operation. In addition there are two other houses used for accommodation and living.    more
Radio Amateur Association of West Greece SZ1A - Kostas Stamatis SV1DPI
January 2014
The Radio Amateur Association of West Greece (RAAWG) was founded in 1985. Our official call is SZ1A (ex. SV1AFA). The main population center, where the most of our members are, is Agrinio, a town with a population of about 100,000.

Our original goal was not contesting but to join all amateurs in West Greece, to put some repeaters in nearby mountains, to organize courses for candidate hams, to educate them and to offer as volunteers to our community.

As a result, today we have to maintain three voice repeaters, four APRS digipeaters and one hf station (in our office in Agrinio) plus the Contest Station SZ1A in Red Forest. Our club numbers about 100 members at the present time.    more
MW5A: Three A's Contest Group (G0AAA) - Steve Cole GW4BLE
January 2014
M5A is the contest call of the Three A's Contest Group G0AAA. The group was originally founded by G3TXF, G3SXW and G3WVG who got together to operate in RSGB Field Days back in the 80s.

The call MW5A was first operated [Single-Op All-Band] during CQWW CW 2002 by Ian G3WVG from my station located in Newport, Wales.

In CQWW CW 2002 Ian G3WVG made over 4,100 QSOs as MW5A [final score of 4.6m points] and in 2003 4,151 QSOs were made with a claimed score of 5.1m points, MW5A was also operated by G3WVG from here in CQWW CW [SOAB] in 2004 and 2005.    more
The TM0R Contest Station - Jean Louis Zabalza F5GGL
January 2014
At the creation of the radio club in 1981, all members were all employees of La Poste and France Télécom housed in France Télécom premises. We opened membership to our friends outside these companies, still with a quota to respect. We participated in a lot of Field Day activities, for which the infrastructure had to be carried.

Following the changes in management of the company that hosted us, we had to move three times to finally find a location 25 Km east of BORDEAUX, at locator IN94UT.

TM0R is the special call used by the F6KNB radio-club members. F6KNB belongs to the RADIOAMPT Association (La Poste and Orange staff) associated with the REF. Other friends are part of the amateur radio club too.    more
The East Coast Contesters: ZM4T - Lee Jennings ZL2AL
January 2014
I was born in Toronto and grew up there, becoming a ham in 1953. In 1969 I decided to settle in New Zealand. Living in Hawkes Bay for the past 37 years has allowed me to erect antennas, build a good station and work a lot of DX. New Zealand is a great place to operate radio from.

In 2006 I decided to get serious about contesting and set up a competitive New Zealand contest team to do the Oceania and CQWW contests. A local farmer had a magnificent site about 20 miles north of Napier about a mile in from the Pacific and on a 300 foot hill with sweeping views into all parts of the world.

For approximately 180 degrees, the horizon is the Pacific Ocean looking East towards the Americas. He agreed to allow us to set up a permanent antenna farm and use his shed to operate from on the weekends.    more