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Contest Stations Around the World

LZ9W M/M Contest Station - Wally LZ2CJ
December 2013
The station is located at the hotel Bardoto, right on top of a very steep 900m asl high rock, just outside the small town of Breznik, about 60 km from the Bulgarian capital Sofia. It is owned by Krassimir Pavlov LZ1ZD.

Activity of LZ9W as a M/M contest station started with the WPX SSB contest in 2003 when we placed 2nd in Europe. This was followed by participation in WPX CW 2003 in which we placed No1. Europe and 2nd World!

Through the years we have won No.1 World M/M twice in the WPX CW contest. A full list of our scores and more information about LZ9W can be found on our web site In 2013 we celebrated our 10 years anniversary!    more
JT5DX Contesting From Mongolia - Chak Choigonjav JT1CO
December 2013
Our contest station JT5DX is located 370km northwest of Ulaanbaatar capatal city of Mongolia. It is 15km away from the Russian border. It takes about 5-6 hour using public transportation and 3-4 hours with car to get to JT5DX contest station from Ulaanbaatar.

It is located in my company “Arvin Khur”. Arvin Khur is an Agricultural company located at JT5. The company mainly plants wheat and Canola and also sell products such as Cold pressed Canola Oil, Natural Honey etc.

It is about 20-35 degree celsius in the Summer and -15- -35 degree celsius in the winter. During fall there are many mosquitoes. It is also very close to the Selenge river.    more
Radio Klub Vara˛din 9A7A Contest Station - Sam Puzak 9A3OS
December 2013
Before we say something about contesting at 9A7A it would be worth mentioning that contesting from our radio club has a rich history.

Serious contesting started around the 1970's when amateur radio popularity started rapidly increasing. During that period we used our ex Yugoslav calls, YU2HDE on HF and YU2CBE on VHF, we also had a special contest call 4N2V.

In 1991 Croatia became independent. YU2HDE became 9A1HDE and we issued a request for a special contest call: 9A7A.    more
Contesting from Rarotonga - N6NB and W6TAI
November 2013
N6NB (Wayne) and W6TAI (Carrie) operated from Rarotonga in the South Cook Islands for two contests in 2012. We stayed at the same motel where the E51Z group operated CQ WW phone in 2011 and benefited greatly from their experience on the island. On the first trip, Wayne operated the ARRL International DX Contest SSB as E51YNB in the single operator, single band (15m) category while Carrie concentrated on hiking across the island and biking its perimeter. Operation was limited to 11 hours in order to catch the weekly flight from Rarotonga to the United States which departs on Saturday nights.

The station consisted of an IC-7000, a small THP amplifier and a two element Yagi on a mast mounted on the motel's second story balcony. It was a home made single band (15m) yagi that was broken into short pieces to fit in a 30 inch rolling duffel bag.    more
OM7M Low Bands Contest Club - Lubo Martiska OM5ZW
December 2013
The radio club was founded after the Second World War in 1949 former Czechoslovakia. It consisted of a group of enthusiastic guys dealing with construction of HF radios and working on the VHF/UHF bands.

Gradually the radio club erected HF beams (2el Cubical Quad, dipoles for low bands…) and the HF radio was an FTDX 505 (150W). The club was situated in the center of the historical town of Partizanske.

The main source of interest was HF and VHF operation, especially on 20 and 40m. We took part in all major local and WW HF and VHF contests.    more