A Collection of Past SCCC News Stories (Newest to Oldest)
CQ World Wide DX Contest CW Claimed Scores
November 2014
            VY2TT(K6LA)     SOABHP    11,501,145            XE2MX           SOABLP       536,846
            ZD8O(N5ZO)      SOABHP    10,747,094            K7ACZ           SOABLP       457,595
            HR2J(N6AA)      SOABHP     7,087,350            W6YA            SOSBHP       447,435
            KH7M(N6TJ)      SOABHP     5,843,271            W6JK            SOABHP       319,716 
            K6NA            SOABHP     4,173,624            N6HE            SOABHP       286,620 
            W6PH            SOABAHP    4,020,624            K6DDJ           SOABHP       257,881
            W6TK            SOABAHP    1,776,600            W6QU(W8QZA)	    SOABQRP      233,079
            AA6PW           SOABAHP    1,554,630            WA6URY          SOABHP       134,693
            N6RV            SOABLP     1,476,200            NK6A            SOSBAHP      133,104
            WN6K            SOABLP       819,153            N6KI@NX6T       SOABAQRP     132,164
            WA6KHK          SOABALP      697,600            W6LEN           SOABLP        78,642
            W6UM            SOABHP       600,541            KI6QDH          SOABAHP       32,928

            N6MI@AF6O (N6MI, AF6O)                                          M1HP       1,564,028
n6mi During the CQ WW DX CW contest (November 29-30, UTC), Scott N6MI (little pistol) was guest operator at the AF6O (big gun) station in Pinon Hills, California (DM14ej).

With help from Jim (AF6O), Sheila, and Scamp (the dog), N6MI piloted the station to a gross score of 1,564,028. This included 1,456 QSOs, 120 total zones, and 268 country multipliers (80 through 10 meters).

N6MI's best band was ten meters (428 QSOs, 30 zones, and 76 countries). Conditions were excellent on most bands, though N6MI recalls that conditions were "5% better" in the October CQ WW DX SSB. Both contests included long runs on 10 meters on Saturday morning (California time). Often, the biggest problem was where to point the beam because the bands were almost always open in more than one direction.

n6mi N6MI was very impressed with the twin AF6O delta loops on 40 meters. N6MI reports that some European stations just popped out of the noise on the EU-VK loop. N6MI's highlights include: being called by a VU2; working deep Asians during the entire contest; working Europe on 40 in the early evening; proper English tea breaks; breaking most pileups with the first or second call; the Sunday sunrise (windy with angry clouds); taking naps on a real bed (instead of the floor of the N6MI contest van); the luxury of operating without having to drive to a remote location in the ham van; and making AF6O laugh with silly CW frivolity.

N6MI had a macro for "AF6O is at the paddle" (to be played at appropriate times during the contest). N6MI acknowledges that his CW is substantially better on Saturday, when he is rested. N6MI was pleased with the meal service provided to guest operators; AF6O would not confirm that this service is available to all visitors.
CQ World Wide DX Contest SSB Claimed Scores
October 2014
            VY2TT(K6LA)      SOABAHP         9,441,090
            W6YI             SOABHP          2,485,120
            N6QQ             SOABHP          1,273,140
            N6RV             SOABLP          1,067,776
            N6MI+K6VCR       M1HP            1,025,387
            W6QU(W8QZA)      SOABQRP           343,869
            W6TK             SOSBAHP           335,895
            N6WS             SOABALP           328,280
            W6JK             SOABHP            319,658
            WA6KHK           SOABLP            262,782
            WA7BNM           SOSBLP            209,042
            WN6K             SOSBLP            149,073
            NK6A             SOSBHP             52,689
Breakdown of Radios and Loggers Used at WRTC
July 2014
          Radios Used at WRTC                      Loggers Used at WRTC
     K3             75      63.6%              Win-Test       40      67.8%
     FTDX5000       8        6.8%              N1MM           15      25.4%
     TS590          7        5.9%              Writelog       2        3.4%
     IC7600         6        5.0%              SkookumLogger  1        1.7%
     FT1000MP       6        5.0%              DXLog          1        1.7%
     IC7800         4        3.4%              TOTAL          59       100%
     IC756-3        4        3.4%
     FT1000D        2        1.7%
     FT3000         2        1.7%
     ORION II       2        1.7%
     IC7700         1        0.8%
     TS850          1        0.8%
     TOTAL          118      100%
IARU HF Championship
July 2014
       K6LA        SOHPMIX   1,305,472          NK6A        SOHPMIX    135,172
       K6NR        SOHPCW      590,178          KI6QDH      SOLPMIX     49,819
       N6MI        SOHPMIX     397,846          W6TK        SOLPCW      47,679
       N6QQ        SOHPMIX     181,632

       NX6T (N6KI, KL7SB, WB6NBU, NN6X, NA6L)               MSHP       997,084
       WA6URY                                               MSHP       111,696
World Champions N6MJ and KL9A
July 2014
Another Gavel for SCCC - N6NB
June 2014
SCCC has won still another gavel in a VHF contest, our eleventh (11th) during the last four years. But it could be our last gavel for a while.

The results of the January, 2014 VHF Contest are in the just-released digital edition of the July, 2014 QST.

Capture The Flag T Hunt - Anthony Cioffi N2KI
June 2014
Well hello everyone! Today was our Capture The Flag Fox Hunt sponsored by the Hudson Valley Direction Finding Association of Orange County NY. This was the first event of its kind in this area and I am happy to report, a success.

We had two teams made up of four hunters each. TEAM EAST was comprised of K2STN (Team Captain), KB2SSZ, WA2KOT and WM2C. TEAM WEST was comprised of AC2O (Team Captain), N2KI, N2DBD and KC2YYF.

The event promptly started at 10 am with a four hour time limit. The WEST team hid their transmitter in Highland State Park.

Promptly at 10am the transmitters were activated. Both teams were required to take their first bearing from where they hid their transmitter.    more
Members Well Placed in 7QP Results
June 2014
                 WN6K              Second Place              SOHPMIXED
                 AF6O              First Place               SOHPCW
                 W6AFA             First Place               SOHPPH
                 N6MU              First Place               SOLPCW
                 WA6KHK            Second Place              SOLPPH
                 NX6T              Second Place              MSHP
                 W6TK              Third Place               MSLP
Upcoming June VHF Contest - N6NB           (Mouseover for full story)
June 2014
The VHF contest is June 14-15. A number of SCCC members will be active, some at home, some on mountaintops and some roving. Unfortunately, it does not appear likely that we will have as many stations on as we did last year, when SCCC won the gavel for the highest aggregate score of any medium size club in the country.

Probably the largest multioperator effort will be headed up by Dave Smith, W6TE, on Frazier Mountain. His team will be using a motor home, a fifth wheel trailer and several other vehicles plus at least four generators and equipment for every band through 10 GHz. Among those planning to join W6TE on Frazier are K6MI, K6ZMW, W6YLZ, WA6WTF and WB2WIK.

N6MI and K6VCR will be on a mountain near Barstow, using Scott's converted TV news van. They will be on all bands through 1296.

NI6E and K6EPP are planning to tow their newly built tower trailer to the desert east of Chiriaco Summit in DM23. Look for them especially on six meters.
June SCCC Meeting
June 2014
At the meeting it was discovered that some members are still using flip phones!   photo: N6NB
   N6HC                           W6SQC                       N6MU                        AF6O
CQ World Wide WPX CW Claimed Scores
May 2014
VY2TT(K6LA)       SOABHP       12,378,037                   WA6URY            SOABHP          183,201
AF6O              SOABHP        2,025,058                   W6QU(W8QZA)       SOABQRP         134,196
W6TK              SOABHP        2,019,020                   ZM3T(W3SE)        SOASBLP         125,160
WN6K              SOABLP         924,8464                   NO6T(N6NC)        SOASBHP         101,982
N6MU              SOABLP          304,300

WQ6X@NX6T         M2HP   (K4RB KB7V N0DY N6CY N6EEG N6KI NN6X WA2OOB WB6NBU WQ6X)           9,619,592
N6MI              MSHP   (N6MI NB6E)                                                        2,227,722

ARRL Centennial: Southern California Operation - SoCal Coordinator K6NA
February 2014
SCCC is the host club of record for the Southern California operation using W1AW/6 as part of the ARRL Centennial year celebrations. The regional activity is coordinated by K6NA.

The week of operation begins at 0000UTC Feb 12th and ends at 2359:59UTC on Feb 18th. Active stations who can put out a strong, clean signal, and handle pileups of domestic and DX stations, may apply to be a W1AW/6 Host station.

Hosts must be ARRL members, but Hosts may invite non-members to operate as guests. Please download and read Rules and Guidelines for Operating. Use a logging program which can produce ADIF files.

Please access www.arrl.org/centennial-qso-party to learn details. The goal is to put W1AW/6 on the air and make thousands of contacts from several sites in the Southwestern Division

NAQP CW Claimed Scores
January 2014
 N6WIN(N6MJ)     SO    312,232      N6MU            SO     99,530
 K6LA            SO    243,110      N6ER            SO     85,644
 AF6O            SO    204,048      KI6VC           SO     56,854
 N6AN(@W6UE)     SO    195,720      N6GP            SO     52,448
 AC6T(@W6RFU)    SO    177,240      N6NC            SO     43,070
 K6NR            SO    176,730      W6TK            SO     40,018
 XE2MX           SO    161,766      N5ZO            SO     35,100
 NX6T(N0DY)      SO    135,872      WA6URY          SO     15,664
 WN6K            SO    114,872
 SCCC #1 (N6WIN(N6MJ),K6LA,AC6T,N6AN,K6NR)              1,105,032
 SCCC #2 (NX6T(N0DY),WN6K,XE2MX,AF6O,KI6VC)               673,412
 SCCC #3 (W6TK,N6GP,N6NC,K6NA)                            135,536