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Monthly News (SCCCORE - SoCal Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments)
February 2023
Cycle 25 DX-World published a plot from NOAA last month showing the progresson of Solar Cyle 25. Thus far, it has outperformed NOAA's official forecast for 35 consecutive months. DX-World says that if this trend continues, Solar Maximum will either happen sooner or be stronger than originally expected. Let's hope for both!

If you are a user of WSJT-X, please note that the webpage home has moved to Also, the general release of v2.6.0 was announced on January 6. And v2.6.1 has since been released. This replaces the release candidates (RC versions). Release notes can be found here. The list of enhancements and bug fixes is quite long, so you'll want to read through them. As you probably know, different versions of WSJT-X can be installed in different folders if you like, preserving the older versions in case of trouble. Or, you can let it install over the top of your existing installation. I recommend the former but it's up to you.

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February 2023
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Video: K6ZH 60 Years of Ham Radio
February 2023
SCCC member Jim, K6ZH describes his 60 years of ham radio to
an audiemce of San Diego DX Club members and others (January 25, 2023).

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Video: TK0C 2022 CQWW CW M/2 New Claimed European Record
January 2023
An entertaining 6 1/2 minute video on the TK0C 2022 CQWW CW M/2 operation.

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CQWW 160 CW Claimed Scores
January 2023
      CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS           CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS
      W6AYC           SOHP          62,244    7.0           W6YI            SO(A)HP       19,536    3.0
      K0XP            SOHP          53,533  <15.0           N6LL            SOLP          11,970    
      NC6K            SO(A)HP       43,890    7.0           AA2IL           SOLP           1,344    2.5
      K6NR            SOHP          35,112    4.5           W6JBR           SOHP             100    0.8
ARRL NAQP SSB Claimed Scores
January 2023
      CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS           CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS
      AA6PW           SO(A)LP       70,994    5.0           W6JBR           SOLP           9,676    5.5
      KA6KEN          SOLP          19,716    9.8           W6KC            SOLP           4,512    1.5
      WA7BNM          SOLP          16,224    3.5           WA6URY          SOLP           3,774    2.8

      SCCC (W6AFA, AA6PW)                                                                 70,994
ARRL NAQP CW Claimed Scores
January 2023
      CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS           CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS
      N5ZO            SO(A)LP      560,084   10.0           WA6KHK          SO(A)LP       28,320
      N6TR            SOLP         454,308   10.0           NE6I            SO(A)LP       22,568    5.0
      N6RA (AC6T)     SO(A)LP      222,056   10.0           WA6URY          SOLP          20,905    5.7          
      K6NR            SOLP         218,925   10.0           N6VOH           SO(A)LP       17,745    6.5
      W6TK            SO(A)LP      162,336    9.5           N6VH            SO(A)LP       10,624
      AA2IL           SO(A)LP      160,230   10.0           K6FA            SOLP           9,840    
      N6AA            SOLP         146,590    9.2           WA7BNM          SOLP           6,100 
      AA6PW           SOLP         140,392    7.5           W6JBR           SOLP           3,036    3.2
      W6ZL            SOLP         117,916    8.0           W6KC            SO(A)LP          840    1.2
      W6AYC           SOLP          89,420    5.0           K6RO            SOLP             700    2.0

      SCCC #1 (N6TR, N6RA [AC6T op], AA6AA, N5ZO, K6NR)                                1,455,383
      SCCC #2 (W6TK, N6AA, W6ZL, AA6PW, N6VOH)                                           584.979
      SCCC #3 (NE6I, K6ZH, N6GP)                                                          22,568
ARRL RTTY Roundup Claimed Scores
January 2023
      CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS           CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS
      W8GJK           SOUHP         68,370   19.5           W6JBR           SOHP           8,586    6.2      
      NK6A            SOUHP         24,375    9.0           KF6RY           SOLP           7,546    3.0
      K6PO            SOHP          20,016    5.0           N6VH            SOULP          1,705
      K6FA            SOLP          16,510