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Monthly News (SCCCORE - SoCal Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments)
April 2024
Welcome to the club Bill, N7VM! Bill lives in Fallbrook (north of San Diego) and has been contesting since 1976 when he entered SS CW. He's currently building a new station there in Fallbrook after relocating from Utah and eastern Massachussetts. He mostly does HF contests but has done some VHF as well. He prefers CW but recently did 27+ hours in ARRL DX SSB. He hopes one day to experience operating from the DX side.

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April 2024
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Updated 27 February 2024
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Building a HamClock on a Pi Computer by Dennis, NE6I
April 2024
HamClock Back in April, 2022, I presented an article about Veritium's HFClock. I still use it to this day and find it to be a very nifty addition to the ham shack. HFClock is much, much, much more than just a clock. You can read more about it in that 2022 article. Turns out, you can get the same thing from Inovato on their web site. They call it the Quadra HamClock bundle. You see, the software author, WB0OEW, actually calls his software HamClock. Inovato packages this on a small Quadra PC for the amazingly low price of $49! You might need a power supply and some cables, or you can buy their bundle. The keyboard is pretty tiny and you'll probably want to use one that you already have. Their products can be found on their website. Or, you can build one yourself!

Video: Dick Norton, N6AA Presentation to the SDDXC March 27, 2024
April 2024
Dick, N6AA Southwestern Divistion Director and SCCC President
gives us an update on the status at ARRL.

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CQ WPX SSB Claimed Scores
March 2024
      CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS           CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS
      ND7K (N6MJ) *   SOABHP    16,898,580   36.0           W6TK            SOSB15LP     465,088   12.0
      KL5DX (KI6RRN)  SOABHP    15,127,248   36.0           WA6URY          SOABUClHP    237,336   10.8          
      VY2TT (K6LA)    SOABHP    13,173,408   36.0           W6QU (@W8QZA)   SOABQRP      233,750   24.4
      NT6Q (N5ZO)     SOABHP     9,795,060   36.0           N6AA            SOUABHP       80,370    6.5
      NA6TT (K6NA)    SOUABHP    3,319,694   23.0           W6KC            SOABHP        74,240    6.0
      WA6KHK          SOABHP     2,622,246                  W6JBR           SOABClHP      16,623    7.5
      N7VM            SOUABLP    2,095,104   35.5           N2JNR           SOUSB10QRP    13,746
      N6KI            SOABHP       629,062   14.0           KN6OKY          SOUSB20QRP        35    3.0

      NH7T (N6TJ, AA6AA, N6CW and others)                                   MMHP      36,620,030

      * Score goes to AOCC                        
NA Sprint SSB Claimed Scores
March 2024
      CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS           CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS
      N5ZO            SOHP          13,052    4.0           WA6URY          SOHP           6,825    3.3           
      WA6KHK          SOHP           8,037    4.0           KI6RRN/KL7      SOHP              10    
ARRL DX SSB Claimed Scores
March 2024
      CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS           CALL            CATEGORY       SCORE  HOURS
      VY2TT (K6LA)    SOABHP     5,624,907   42.0           W6JBR           SOABLtHLP     80,682    8.8
      ND7K (N6MJ *)   SOABHP     5,400,861   44.0           WA6URY          SOABHP        75,735   10.3
      N5ZO            SOABHP     2,776,902   44.0           N6TJ            SOABltdHP     53,136   
      KL7SB (KI6RRN)  SOABHP     2,497,836   22.0           AA2IL           SOABLtdLP     48,000
      N6RV            SOUABHP    2,137,845   36.0           W6KC            SOUABHP       47,571    4.5
      W6PH            SOUABHP    1,908,432   34.5           N6LL            SOABLP        43,521    8.0
      N6AA            SOABHP       949,212   30.0           W6ZL            SOSB10LP      41,500   10.0               
      WA6KHK          SOUABHP      850,149                  K6ZH            SOUSB160LP    21,762    3.0
      K6NR            SOABHP       597,051   17.5           K6RO            SOUABHP       19,764    3.0
      K6NA            SOABHP       560,628   21.0           NS6X            SOABLtdQRP    18,762    9.0
      KN6ZZI          SOABHP       143,856   20.0           NK6A            SOUSB10HP     12,600    3.5
      WA7BNM          SOSB10LP     105,570   14.0           KN6OKY          SOUABLP        1,794    5.0
      K5MUG           SOABLtdLP     83,733   17.2           
      * @N6WIN - score submitted to Arizona Outlaws Contest Club